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How To Hire Doctors From Overseas

As an employer in the healthcare sector in Ireland, you may need to hire doctors from overseas. Recruiting staff from overseas can be stressful due to immigration restrictions.

At IAS, we can help you through the entire process. Call +353 061 518 025 or use our online chat.

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    Overview of Hiring Overseas Doctors to Ireland

    Hiring overseas can improve patient care in healthcare organisations by expanding the pool of diverse medical professionals and filling in skill gaps.

    Employers can hire doctors trained outside Ireland through the available immigration routes as these are targeted towards highly skilled individuals with recognised qualifications.

    It is important to follow all immigration and employment laws, and employees from overseas must also participate in the application process, ensuring they meet all eligibility requirements and present the required documents.

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    Pathways to Hire Doctors to Ireland

    There are various routes which enable employers in Ireland to hire overseas doctors from abroad including:

    Critical Skills Employment Permit (CSEP) 

    The CSEP is for highly qualified workers, such as medical professionals, in high demand in Ireland. This permit allows them to work in Ireland for a maximum of two years, with the possibility of renewal and eventual conversion to long-term residency.

    To employ through this route, the employer must offer the foreign doctor a legitimate job and provide a minimum yearly income of €38,000, rising to €44,000 in 2025.

    Intercompany Transfer (ICT) Permit

    This permit is for healthcare professionals working for foreign companies with branches in Ireland. The ICT permit enables internal transfers, making it easier for physicians looking for international opportunities in Ireland. Through this route, they can work for a maximum of four years.

    Atypical Working Scheme (AWS)

    The Atypical Working Scheme is for non-European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) citizens who do not qualify for an Employment Permit to Ireland to perform specific short-term contract work. AWS is intended to meet the short-term workforce requirements of the healthcare industry.

    Doctors can work in Ireland under the AWS for up to 90 days without a Work Visa. After the validity period, holders must return to their home country, as the permit cannot be renewed.

    As an employer, you can quickly fill personnel shortages with this programme. Our immigration experts at IAS will assist you in finding the most suitable employment route to hire foreign doctors to Ireland. Call +353 061 518 025 to get started.

    If you are an employer who wants to bring doctors from overseas to work in Ireland, speak to our immigration team for assistance. Contact Us

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      Requirements to Hire Doctors from Overseas to Ireland

      As an employer in Ireland, you need to fulfil the requirements to be eligible to hire foreign doctors, including:

      • Be registered with the relevant authorities, including the Revenue Commissioners, CRO, or RFS, depending on your business structure
      • Show proof of genuine trading activity like tax clearance certificates, accounts, or bank statements if required
      • Follow Irish employment laws
      • Offer salary and employment conditions that meet minimum standards and are in line with the doctor’s qualifications and experience
      • Try to recruit settled or EU/EEA workers before employing an overseas doctor

      Employee Eligibility & Requirements

      The doctor being recruited must also meet eligibility requirements to work in Ireland including:

      • Have acceptable primary medical qualification recognised by the Irish Medical Council (IMC)
      • Completed an internship or equivalent training in their home country
      • Met the IMC’s criteria for registration
      • Valid passport or travel document
      • An employment contract or offer letter
      • Degree qualifications and transcripts from an internationally recognised medical school
      • A certificate of good standing from their previous regulatory body, a certificate of professional indemnity insurance, and any other documents required by the General Medical Council or the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE)

      The Application Process for Hiring Overseas Doctors to Ireland


      Both employers and employees must follow the process to hire and work in Ireland.

      Employers need to ensure the following:

      • Satisfies the general employer standards in Ireland
      • Conduct a Labour Market Test to show that you have made an effort to hire people within EEA for a minimum of 28 days by using the proper channels, such as EURES
      • Apply for the CSEP online
      • Pay the €1,000 non-refundable application fee
      • Submit the necessary files, such as the employment contract, financial accounts, job description, firm registration, and evidence of advertising activities

      For employees:

      • Apply for a Work Visa through the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) website
      • Pay the visa fee and submit the necessary documents, including the CSEP approval
      • If approved, travel to Ireland and present the relevant documents at the port of entry
      • Register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) within 90 days of arrival
      • Pay the registration fee of €300 and undergo medical checks as required
      • Register with the IMC to practise medicine in Ireland
      • Get a personal public service (PPS) number and a tax credit certificate from the Revenue Commissioners

      How to Register with the IMC in Ireland

      The foreign doctor is responsible for registering with the IMC in Ireland. However, as an employer, you must support your foreign employee through the process. The potential employee must:

      • Determine if they qualify for the Standard Route (with PLAB test used to verify that international doctors have the basic medical competence and communication skills) or the Fast Track Route
      • Complete the online application with the required documents, including qualifications, language proficiency certificates, and good character documents
      • Pay the applicable registration fees ( €560 for registration and €605 for annual retention)
      • Follow the chosen route’s requirements, which may involve written and practical exams or assessments by the IMC.

      Upon successful completion and approval, the doctor will receive full or limited registration with the IMC.

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        Permit Validity And Renewal Options

        After hiring a foreign doctor under the CSEP route, knowing how long the permit is valid and how to renew it is important. Your overseas doctor can work and live in Ireland for two years under the original CSEP.

        The permit can be renewed for two additional years with no maximum on the number of renewals. To minimise delays, renewal applications should ideally be filed at least four months before the existing permit expires.

        Throughout the renewal process, the doctor and the employer must continue to meet all eligibility requirements. This entails the physician holding valid licences and registrations with organisations and keeping good standing with immigration authorities.

        Similarly, the employer needs to keep up with the standards for financial sustainability and provide the doctor with fair working terms and conditions. As an employer, you must also show that there is a real demand for the doctor’s position through continuous documentation.

        How IAS Can Help You

        At IAS, we provide thorough help and direction at every stage of the recruitment process. With our in-depth knowledge of immigration law and process, we assist healthcare organisations in hiring the best overseas doctors for Ireland. We’re committed to making the process stress-free and successful.

        With our professional guidance, you can make well-informed decisions on the best immigration routes, eligibility requirements, and application processes. We will work closely with you to manage every step of the application process, from preparing and submitting applications to communicating with the right authorities.

        We guarantee the timely and precise completion of applications, increasing your chances of success. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help you hire the best international medical graduates. Call all +353 061 518 025 for immediate assistance.

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                  Doctors in Ireland work an average of 48 hours per week.

                  Costs include immigration fees, registration fees, and potentially relocation support. Explore available financial aid options for doctors if needed.

                  Yes, foreign doctors can bring their families to Ireland depending on the specific immigration route they choose.

                  US doctors can work in Ireland if they fulfil the requirements and follow the immigration process.