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Healthcare Worker Visa Ireland

The Ireland Health and Care Assistant Visa offers healthcare professionals and assistants from abroad the chance to address Ireland’s shortage of qualified carers.

Get help with your Employment Visa for Ireland. The experts at IAS will guide your employment permit application. Call our team at +353 061 518 025 or contact us online, to apply for your Health and Care Worker Visa and start work in Ireland today.

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    The Health and Care Assistant Visa: Overview

    The Health and Care Assistant Visa is a general employment permit that allows qualified care professionals and health care assistants from outside the EEA to get jobs in Ireland’s health and social care sector. It was introduced to help fill staffing shortages in nursing homes and elderly residential facilities across Ireland.

    This visa provides a route for support roles to gain legal employment rights to work for approved healthcare providers in Ireland. It is available to non-EEA nationals who meet visa requirements like skill levels, English language ability and minimum salary thresholds for this sector.

    To qualify, applicants need a valid job offer from an approved sponsoring Irish employer such as a nursing home, healthcare facility, or other approved healthcare provider.

    The 2-year renewable work permit offers the chance to launch an international career while helping fill Ireland’s growing need for qualified carers.

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    Ireland Carer Visa Requirements

    To qualify for the Health and Care Assistant Visa you must have a valid job offer in place from an approved sponsoring employer in Ireland and meet the following requirements:

    • Have a job offer from an approved nursing home, healthcare facility, or other approved healthcare provider
    • Have the skills and experience needed for the role
    • Be offered the minimum annual salary requirement of €30,000 (as of January 2024)
      • Note that this minimum salary threshold is set to rise in increments beyond 2024; it will first rise to €34,000 in January 2025, then to €39,000 in January 2026.
    • Pass a required English language test like IELTS or OET
    • Get a QQI Level 5 qualification within the first 2 years

    In addition, your sponsoring Irish employer needs to:

    • Be an approved nursing home or health facility with valid registration
    • Prove they cannot fill the position with an Irish/EEA candidate
    • Pay the immigration levy for hiring overseas talent
    • Provide employment details like tax records, staff numbers etc.
    • Agree to all conditions of sponsoring foreign workers

    Understanding and fulfilling these criteria is crucial for foreign nationals to successfully gain their work permits in Ireland. If you have any questions about the job roles or need assistance, feel free to contact our team at +353 061 518 025. We’re here to help.

    For assistance with Irish employment permits, speak with our immigration team. Contact us

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      The Health and Care Assistant Visa: Required Documents

      Applying for an Ireland Carer Visa requires having paperwork to verify your identity, qualifications, employment eligibility, and financial standing. To support your Ireland Carer Visa application, you must submit:

      • Qualifications like diplomas, licenses, certificates
      • Employment history verification letters
      • Job offer letter and contract from Irish employer
      • Bank statements showing available funds
      • Your GNIB/Irish Resident’s Permit Pin (residents only)
      • Details of previous visa permissions or employment (if applicable)
      • Copy of your passport (must be valid for at least 6 months for a new employment permit and 3 months for a renewal employment permit)
      • A clear image of your current immigration stamp and visa (if applicable)
      • One passport-type photo

      Employers also have to submit paperwork that confirms company legitimacy and the validity of the work offer. The employer needs to provide:

      • Employer Registered Number (ERN) and Company Name Registered Number
      • Employment Permit application form
      • Statement outlining the need to hire abroad
      • Signed job offer contracts
      • Details on Irish staff numbers
      • Registered Name of Company
      • Type of Company
      • Nature of Business
      • The number of EEA and/or Swiss Nationals currently in their employment
      • Number of non-EEA Nationals currently in their employment
      • Confirmation of any redundancies have taken place in the last 6 months for the same role

      Additionally, the employer must also submit a document from the Revenue Commissioners that shows the employer’s monthly statutory return. This document should be dated within the 3 months before your application. Alternatively, you can submit a receipt for this return, whether it’s issued through ROS (Revenue Online Service), or show evidence of payments made to the Revenue Commissioners through SEPA monthly direct debit within the same 3-month period.

      How To Apply For The Health And Care Assistant Permit

      Follow these steps to successfully get your Health and Care Assistant work permit:

      1. Secure a valid job offer: confirm they will sponsor your work permit application.
      2. Gather supporting documents.
      3. Complete the online application: create an account on the online system. Fill in the forms providing personal and employment details. Upload your documents.
      4. Pay the fees.
      5. Get health insurance: have the right medical insurance for yourself and any dependents coming with you.
      6. Attend the biometrics appointment: provide fingerprints and photos at your local consulate if requested.
      7. Apply for an entry visa: once approved, apply for an Irish entry visa from the embassy/consulate. This takes around 5 working days.

      You can bring eligible dependents once your permit is approved. Accompanying spouses can apply for a Dependent visa. Children under 18 can also come with their parent permit holder. Dependents can apply at the local Irish embassy/consulate in their home country. Submit the completed forms and supporting documents in person. Once approved, they will receive visas allowing them to reside in Ireland legally.

      Application Fees and Processing Times

      The standard fee for a 2-year Health Care Assistant work permit application is €500. This is paid by the candidate when submitting their online application. Apart from this, the healthcare employer sponsoring the foreign worker must pay an immigration levy of €1,000 per job. This levy ensures priority processing.

      Once the complete Health Care Assistant employment permit application is submitted online with supporting documents, the processing time is 6-8 weeks. However, qualified and experienced candidates for these essential healthcare assistant roles can get priority visa processing in 2-3 weeks. This fast-track service ensures crucial staffing gaps are filled quickly at public hospitals and nursing facilities.

      An additional 1-2 weeks are needed for the candidate to then get an Entry Visa allowing them to reside and work in Ireland.

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        Health And Care Assistant Permit Validity and Renewal Options

        Renewing the Health Care Assistant Work Permit

        The initial Employment Permit issued to foreign national healthcare assistants is valid for up to 24 months. You can renew this permit if you continue working for the same sponsoring Irish healthcare facility after the initial period.

        To renew the permit, you should submit a renewal application at least 3 months before the expiration of the existing permit. Updated documents proving continued eligibility may be required.

        With each renewal application approval, the employment permit validity can be extended by another 24 months. There is generally no limit on the number of extensions or renewals, provided you still meet the eligibility criteria.

        Qualifying for Long-Term Residency

        Foreign nationals who have lived legally in Ireland for at least 60 months (5 years) on renewable employment permits can apply for long-term residence status.

        Healthcare assistants who have worked for over 5 years on valid work permits can qualify for long-term residency permits. This allows them to continue residing and working in Ireland indefinitely with fewer restrictions.

        The long-term residence permit is valid for 5 years initially but can be renewed thereafter. Once approved, you are no longer required to renew the initial work permit.

        How Can IAS Help?

        Our team is committed to handling every aspect of your application with precision and care. From the initial eligibility assessment to job offer consultancy, document preparation, form filling and submission, status tracking, and entry support – we’ve got it all covered. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you can trust us with the entire Ireland work authorisation process.

        With years of hands-on experience in assisting clients to immigrate to Ireland, our lawyers are highly familiar with Irish employment permit rules, procedures, and emerging trends. We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare workers and tailor our support to ensure compliance with regulations, expediting the application process.

        Rather than grappling with paperwork and complex visa rules, you can concentrate on your career while we take care of the administrative details from start to finish. Our goal is to save you time and improve the likelihood of approval for your healthcare assistant work visa.

        To take the first step towards a smoother immigration process, reach out to IAS today. You can contact us at +353 061 518 025 or message us via our online chat.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  A healthcare or care assistant provides everyday personal support for those needing long-term residential care. Their main duties are assisting with mobility, meals, dressing, medication reminders and companionship. Healthcare assistants work under the guidance of a registered nurse or clinical supervisor.

                  There is little difference between these roles – their responsibilities are similar. Healthcare assistants tend to work more on the medical side with nurses, while care workers focus more on social and disability assistance.

                  Yes, qualified nurses can potentially get an Employment Permit for working as a Health care assistant in Ireland. This allows them to take up care support roles under their experience level. The advantage for nurses is bypassing the English exam requirement.

                  Typical salaries for healthcare assistants in Ireland are around € 27,156 per annum. With experience, salaries can reach over €38,000 per year. Wages usually start at around €13.95 per hour. Live-in care assistants also get free accommodation.