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Irish Citizenship Ceremony

If you’re a foreign national who wants to gain citizenship in Ireland, you must attend a citizenship ceremony as the final step of the naturalisation process.

As an adult, it is important to note that you will not be recognised as an Irish citizen unless you physically attend a citizenship ceremony. If you require support, guidance or further information regarding citizenship ceremonies in Ireland, call IAS today at +353 061 518 025 or contact us online.

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    What is an Irish Citizenship Ceremony?

    Under Irish law, an Irish citizenship ceremony is an essential part of the process of becoming an Irish citizen. It is the final stage of the naturalisation process and all adults are expected to attend. Ceremony events are planned periodically throughout the year, with several ceremonies being conducted at each event.

    Citizenship ceremonies were first introduced in Ireland in 2011. Created to officially welcome new citizens to the nation, they are designed to grant citizenship to foreign nationals in a dignified and solemn manner.

    Citizenship ceremonies celebrate the granting of Irish citizenship to foreign nationals. Whilst attendance is required, many ceremony candidates feel the ceremonies in Ireland also play a significant role in their personal journey. They are happy and proud to be recognised by the Irish authorities as someone who is deserving of their title as an Irish citizen and may feel like the ceremony marks a special occasion in their life.

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    Must I Attend a Citizenship Ceremony?

    If you’re an adult who has applied for Irish citizenship you must attend the ceremony. If you fail to attend you will not be recognised as an Irish citizen and will not receive your certificate of naturalisation. It is worth noting that it is only adults who are expected to attend a citizenship ceremony. Children who become Irish citizens will not have to attend and will receive their certificate of naturalisation through the post.

    Who Else Will Attend My Citizenship Ceremony?

    The ceremony is overseen by a judge and a Minister for Justice is usually present. Ceremony candidates are allowed to bring one adult guest with them on the day. Unfortunately, children are not allowed to accompany you to a citizenship ceremony event. The ceremonies are however live streamed online. The live stream allows your family and friends across the globe to witness your ceremony over the internet.

    What is the Process of Attending an Irish Citizenship Ceremony?

    Step 1 – Invitation

    Once you have applied for a certificate of naturalisation, you will be invited to attend your citizenship ceremony by post or email. The details of where you must be present and at what time will be included alongside information on how to register when you arrive.

    Step 2 – Register

    Upon your arrival at the ceremony venue, you should go straight to the registration department desk and check-in. You will need to take a form of identity with you such as your passport or driving licence. Once you have registered you will be provided with:

    • A copy of the constitution of Ireland.
    • An Irish emblem.
    • A ceremony booklet – (this will provide you with information such as how to apply for an Irish passport, how to register to vote, the words of the Irish national anthem and information about what circumstances could cause your Irish citizenship to be revoked).

    Step 3 – The Oath of Fidelity to the Nation

    During the ceremony, you will be required to take an oath of fidelity to the nation. The oath of fidelity is a declaration (sworn by you) to respect the rights, freedoms and laws of Ireland. You will be given the words on the day of your ceremony so you won’t need to memorise them, but for reference purposes, they are as follows:

    I (name) having applied to the Minister for Justice for a certificate of naturalisation, hereby solemnly declare my fidelity to the Irish nation and my loyalty to the state. I undertake to faithfully observe the laws of the State and to respect its democratic values.”

    It is important to note that you will not be considered an Irish citizen by law until you make your declaration.

    Step 4 – Certificate of Naturalisation

    Once you have made your declaration you will be issued your certificate of naturalisation within the following few weeks by post. Once received, you must keep this document safe as it proves your Irish citizenship and cannot be replaced. It is important to note that you should not make unauthorised changes to your certificate in any way (including lamination) as this will cause the document to become invalid. An invalid document will not be accepted when you apply for an Irish passport.

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      Where and When is the Citizenship Ceremony Held?

      Most citizenship ceremonies take place in Killarney at the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD). Candidates must travel to the location in order to attend their ceremony. Situated in a convenient city centre location, the venue is minutes away from Dublin airport and is also accessible by road or rail and can even be accessed by sea.

      Irish citizenship ceremonies take place on a regular basis and are held throughout the year, however, there are no specific months when the ceremony must take place. Candidates will receive their invitation in good time to give them the opportunity to make arrangements and prepare for the ceremony.

      Number of New Citizens Attending Irish Citizenship Ceremonies

      According to the Irish government, Ireland has welcomed 11000 new citizens so far this year and there are plans for further ceremonies to take place in 2023. Invitations will be sent out to successful Irish citizenship applicants in due course.

      What Are The Benefits Of Becoming an Irish Citizen?

      If you are a foreign national living in Ireland and intend to stay indefinitely, there are some advantages to applying for Irish citizenship. For example, if granted, your certificate of naturalisation gives you the right to:

      • Live and work in Ireland for an indefinite period of time without restriction.
      • Vote in Irish elections.
      • Apply for an Irish passport.
      • Use national services in Ireland such as the public healthcare system.

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        How Can IAS Help?

        As experienced immigration lawyers, IAS can provide you with impartial advice and practical support regarding your citizenship ceremony. We can advise you on what documents you will need to take with you to your appointment, help you manage your entire Irish citizenship application and help you gain the certificate that proves you are a naturalised Irish citizen.

        We can answer all of your questions about citizenship ceremonies easily and accurately and advise you on what to do should your Irish citizenship be refused. To access guidance or one-to-one support call IAS today at +353 061 518 025 or contact us online.

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                  You should expect to be at the ceremony venue for approximately 2 hours.

                  Whilst there is no official dress code for the ceremonies, they are classed as formal events and therefore candidates are encouraged to dress smartly.