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Irish Passport Renewal

Irish passports are considered one of the most valuable in the world – and if you’re looking for information on renewing the Irish passport of yourself, your partner or your child, you can find all the info you need to do so here.

IAS (Immigration Advice Service) have vast experience in the passport and visa application, appeal and renewal processes for nations all over the world. Our qualified lawyers are on-hand to advise, guide and help through all enquiries in our Irish office, contact us online or by phone on (+353) 061 518 025.

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    An Overview of the Irish Passport Renewal Process

    Where an individual already holds an Irish passport and is due to expire within the next 12 months or has expired within the last 15 years, it will be due for renewal. Irish passports for all citizens aged 18 or over are valid for a 10 year period as standard.

    Most commonly, Irish citizens choose to renew their passport online through the ‘Passport Online’ service. This can include the application for a passport card alongside the standard Irish passport book issued.

    The process of Irish passport renewal online is a relatively simple one and can be followed easily digitally by those with access to a laptop or desktop computer. All that is needed is a digital photograph meeting the set photo guidelines, a credit or debit card to pay the appropriate fees, an email address and the expired or expiring passport.

    In most circumstances, there is no need to include supporting documents for an adult Irish passport renewal. However, if the currently issued passport does not expire for over another 12 months, it will need to be submitted to the Irish Passport Service – unless it has been registered as lost or stolen.

    In the event of an urgent passport renewal being required, citizens are able to request an urgent in-person appointment at one of the Irish Passport Service’s offices. There are two in Ireland – one in Dublin, one in Cork – and one in London. At these appointments, renewed passports may be issued same-day for urgent travel or identification requirements.

    The official online application form for an Irish passport renewal is available on the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs/An Roinn Gnothai Eachtracha website. The entire online process, including submission, is completed on this site.

    Where an Irish passport has been lost or stolen and needs reporting as such, it is quickest for citizens for request a new passport through the same website. This will immediately cancel out the missing passport and ensure that it cannot be used by anyone else.

    In the case of a name change being required on an Irish passport renewal, it is always quickest to submit the application online through the ‘Passport Online’ service – but there may be additional supporting documents required for submission.

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    Renewing Irish Passport Online

    The ‘Passport Online’ service is the quickest and easiest way for Irish citizens to apply for their passport renewals online. While there are many portals and websites online charging fees for their direction to such a service, it is publicly available to visit for free through the official website.

    Unless you need specific advice on your eligibility for an Irish passport or translation or accessibility help, there is no need to use a third party to access the Irish passport renewal system online. However, there are a great deal of websites charging a fee simply for the link. These should be avoided as they usually simply exist to make money. Should help be required, a specialist firm such as IAS should be contacted. The IAS Irish team can be called on (+353) 061 518 025 or found online, for further information.

    Once you have accessed the ‘Passport Online’ system, the online application form is fairly self-explanatory. Again, there are a number of step-by-step guides available but these are widely irrelevant as each step is dependent on the answers given in the last. The online application for Irish passport renewals is responsive and so will guide you through each step to ensure that all relevant information is provided as necessary.

    The online Irish passport application (either for a new passport or a renewal) form can be saved for later completion at any time. Once complete and submitted, a confirmation alert will be received via email.

    If any supporting documents are required, this will be noted in the email alert. Any supporting documents requested should be submitted at this point before any further progress on the application can be made. Confirmation of these being received will be emailed.

    Once everything required has been received – be this the initial online application form or the additional supporting documents as requested in some circumstances – the processing stage will begin. If successful, the passport book will be printed, a further email alert sent, and the passport sent in the post. Any documents submitted will be returned separately but usually received within a couple of working days as the passport book.

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    The Benefits of Renewing Irish Passport Online

    The Irish ‘Passport Online’ system is usually the quickest way for passport renewals to be processed. On average, a straightforward adult passport renewal takes around 10 working days to process through the online system, and a more complex one around 15. Child passport renewals take a little longer, with an average of 15 working days.

    The Irish passport service offers extremely fast turnaround times compared to those of many other countries.

    Current turnaround times for the Irish ‘Passport Online’ system can be monitored online on the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs/An Roinn Gnothai Eachtracha website. Such a service is not available for paper-based applications and so those using the digital system for renewals are at an advantage in managing expectations.

    The 11-digit application number supplied by the ‘Passport Online’ system also allows for real-time status updates on every Irish passport renewal when filed online. Again, this is not an option for renewals filed with paper application forms.

    Documents Required to Renew Irish Passport Online

    For simple adult Irish passport renewals, there is usually no requirement for additional supporting documents to be submitted. Instead, the current passport should be on hand in order to supply the reference numbers from it into the application system, and a credit or debit card ready to pay the associated fees.

    In the case of more complex adult renewals or those for child’s renewals (whether or not this is their first Irish passport), extra documentation may need to be supplied. This varies on a case-by-case basis but may include:

    • Any current passports or visas
    • Any second passports or business passports
    • A printed, completed and signed (by all legal guardians and an appropriate witness) consent form – in the case of a child renewal
    • Letters or references from your employer
    • Company registration certificate
    • Birth certificate
    • Future travel itineraries

    Complex adult renewals may include those where information needs to be changed or updated from the current passport, or where a stolen passport or lost passport is being replaced. All passport renewals for those aged under 18 are considered complex as printed consent forms need to be signed, witnessed and provided.

    As leading immigration lawyers, we have the expertise to hold your hand through the Irish passport renewal process. Contact Us

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      Meeting Photo Guidelines for Irish Passport Applications and Renewals

      The submission of poor quality passport photos is one of the most common reasons for a passport application to be rejected. This photo must meet the legal guidelines for a passport picture and must have been taken within the 6 month period prior to the passport application being filed.

      Passport renewals being processed online require a virtual photo to be submitted, and paper passport applications a printed version.

      Most people choose to take their own passport photo on a smartphone or device. Technically, such images must meet the following guidelines:

      • Not be a scanned image
      • Be colour
      • Be no less than 715 pixels wide and 951 pixels high
      • Be in JPG/JPEG format
      • Have no compression or loss artefacts, as well as no digital enhancements or distortions
      • Not be of a file size larger than 9MB

      Printed photos for submission with a paper application form must:

      • Be a minimum size of 35mm x 45mm and a maximum of 38mm x 50mm
      • Be printed on photo quality paper and in high-res
      • Be in sharp focus
      • Have no ink marks or creases
      • Have a reverse side white and unglazed
      • Be in colour or black and white

      Furthermore, there are several guidelines relating to the pose and expression of acceptable passport photos. No hair, glasses or other accessory should cover facial features – nor any glare on glasses. Sunglasses should not be worn. The photo must be in focus with an even light balance and no ‘red eye’. Expression must be neutral and the head held straight. Head to mid torso must be captured in the image, with white space around the head and no other objects or imagery in the background.

      The same guidelines apply for child passport photos.

      Many people find it easier to meet the guidelines by having their passport taken professionally. A number of high street firms offer such passport services, as well as photobooths.

      The submission of an inaccurate or unacceptable photo may result in the renewal application being delayed or even declined.

      Processing Time for Irish Passport Renewal

      On average, a standard passport renewal when filed through the ‘Passport Online’ system for an adult Irish citizen is 10 working days, and 15 for complex or child renewals. Current turnaround times are available online on the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs/An Roinn Gnothai Eachtracha website.

      Where additional documents are requested to support an application, the transit time of such documents in the post is not included in this estimate.

      Turnaround times are subject to seasonal fluctuations as demand rises and external events that may require the redirection of Irish Department of Foreign Affairs/An Roinn Gnothai Eachtracha resources – such as the coronavirus pandemic.

      Passport renewals filed for by paper application form take on average 8 weeks to process.

      If a passport renewal is considered urgent, an in-person appointment for same-day renewal should be made at one of the three Irish Passport Service’s offices. These are situated in Dublin, Cork, and London (United Kingdom).

      Costs and Fees for Irish Passport Renewal

      As of July 2023, renewals made through the ‘Passport Online’ service are the cheapest.

      A standard adult passport valid for 10 years costs €75 online, or €80 + €9.50 fee through the post. A standard child passport valid for 10 years costs €20 + €5 fee online, or €30 + €9.50 fee through the post. Passport cards can only be applied for online and incur a €35 fee.

      Other passport types are available and may cost more. Choosing expedited processing or international delivery will incur additional fees.

      All fees should be paid using a credit or debit card online. Bank drafts and postal orders are also accepted for applications made by post or in an Irish Passport Service office. Cheques are not accepted.

      There are a number of ways to renew your Irish passport. Speak to us for more guidance. Contact Us

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        Lost, Stolen, and Damaged Irish Passports: What to Do

        If an Irish passport is lost, stolen or damaged while the holder is abroad and they will need it to travel, they should get in touch with their local Embassy or Consulate for assistance.

        If an Irish passport has been lost or stolen in Ireland, it can be reported as such during the online application for a replacement on the ‘Passport Online’ system. If applying for a replacement by post, section 6 of the application form will need to be completed, witnessed and stamped. If a replacement is not being applied for, the Gardai must be notified as soon as possible in order to invalidate the document with Interpol. If found, a replacement must be applied for.

        In the case of a passport being damaged, it will not be valid for travel. It must be returned to the Department of Foreign Affairs/An Roinn Gnothai Eachtracha when an application is made for a replacement.

        Alternative Ways to Apply for an Irish Passport Renewal

        Those not wishing to use the ‘Passport Online’ system can apply using a paper application form through the ‘Post Passport’ service. This is provided by An Post in Ireland and Royal Mail in the United Kingdom. Paper application forms can be downloaded online and printed. Basic assistance is available at post offices for this process.

        To apply for a passport renewal in person, Irish citizens should book an appointment at an Irish Passport Service office (in Dublin, Cork, or London), or contact their nearest Embassy or Consulate for advice.

        It should be noted that the ‘Passport Online’ system is currently the quickest and cheapest method for Irish citizens to renew their passports, except in urgent or emergency circumstances.

        How Can IAS Help?

        Renewing an Irish passport can be a simple process but there are circumstances in which you may require additional guidance or support. In these instances, IAS’ qualified and experienced teams are on-hand to help you work through the passport renewal process and can help you gather and file the relevant documents for submission as required.

        We can assist in both adult and child renewals, as well as complex cases involving specific document presentations. What’s more, the IAS team can help book and secure in-person interviews and advise on where to seek help in emergency or urgent renewal situations.

        The IAS Irish office is contactable online or by phone on (+353) 061 518 025.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Except in urgent or emergency circumstances, the quickest way to renew an Irish passport is through the ‘Passport Online’ digital system.

                  Passport renewals can be filed for and posted at post offices across Ireland and the United Kingdom using An Post and Royal Mail services.

                  Current processing times for passport applications and renewals can be viewed on the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs/An Roinn Gnothai Eachtracha website.

                  Irish passports can be renewed up to 15 years after the previous passport’s expiry. After this period, a fresh application will need to be processed.