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Multi Entry and Single Entry Visa to Ireland

Securing a Visa or Permit to the Republic of Ireland is not the only type of permission you need to legally enter the State. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may also require a Re-Entry Visa.

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    What are the Multiple Entry and Single Entry Visas?

    Whether visiting for a short period of time or coming to live in Ireland, applicants need to be aware of the type of permit they require. You may need re-entry permission if you are travelling in and out of the State, for example for a holiday or business trip.

    What are the Multiple Entry (Re-entry) Visas?

    a Multi Entry permit grants visa holders the opportunity to travel to and from the State on numerous occasions and is best suited to applicants who live or work in Ireland on a permanent basis. You may also need re-entry permission if you are travelling in and out of the State, for example for a holiday or business trip.

    What are the Single Entry Visas?

    A Single Journey Entry permit is only applicable for those who intend on travelling and returning to Ireland on one occasion providing the visit is covered within the valid dates of the visa they have been granted.

    There are key stipulations and eligibility criteria to be noted for each category. Multi Entry Visas are far stricter to obtain and are usually offered under certain circumstances. All applications are reviewed by the State’s immigration officer who reserves the right to refuse your application.

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    What is the Multi Entry Visa Policy?

    The requirements and policy considerations around the Multi Entry Visa can be stringent and remain at the discretion of the State’s Visa Office.

    As a general rule of thumb, the Multiple Entry Visa allows visa holders to come to Ireland for numerous occasions during specific dates, providing that they can demonstrate a favourable immigration and travel history.

    The route cannot be misapplied and used as a form of informal residency within Ireland. For instance, applicants cannot stay in Ireland for their permitted 90 days and then seek a Re-Entry Visa again to repeat the process. Non-EEA and overseas nationals must seek a permanent visa or status in order to remain and live in Ireland, such as through Work, Studying, Marriage or Irish Citizenship.

    Abusing this route is likely to see applicants refused at the point of entry and may jeopardise all future visa applications.

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    What are the Multi Entry Requirements?

    A Multi Entry Visa has an array of requirements to be met. It is best suited to an individual who regularly travels to and from Ireland on short visits, such as for business conferences or for work.

    This type of permit is usually granted to applicants who have either:

    • Legally resided in Ireland under an Irish Visa
    • Entered Ireland at least three times prior within one calendar year
    • The intention to frequently travel to Ireland for short periods such as for business meetings
    • The need to come to Ireland for work purposes but who needs to travel to another country and then return to Ireland for business again
    • A Spouse Visa and is married to an Irish national
    • An intention to travel to and from another country via Ireland

    When the applicant is seeking Multiple Entry permission for work reasons, they will need to supply substantial evidence from their employer or the company in Ireland in which they are engaging in business with.

    How long does a Multi Entry Visa last?

    How long a Multi Entry Visa lasts depends on the applicant’s individual circumstances and visa. It can vary depending on whether the applicant is a long-term resident in the State or are a frequent visitor.

    The length of time granted to applicants is provided on a case-by-case basis by the issuing authority.

    However, generally speaking, most applicants have a valid Multi Entry Visa that lasts up to one year. By contrast, Spouses of Irish Citizens can be issued a Multi Entry Visa that is valid for up to three years.

    How to apply?

    Whether seeking a Multiple Entry Permit or Single Entry Visa, applicants must submit their application while outside of the State. It is usually incorporated within the actual visa application itself, such as the Work Visa or Spouse Visa, where applicants need to state their desired entry permission.

    In order to be considered for a Multiple Entry Visa, applicants will also need to send their passport to accompany their visa application.

    This is so that the visa officer can assess the applicant’s travel history and verify their identity. If applying on behalf of a child, applicants will also need to provide their own identity with their passport, the child’s passport and proof of parentage/guardianship such as a birth certificate.

    What is the Travel History requirement?

    The Irish State takes an applicant’s travel history into consideration when they come to seek Multiple Entry permission, irrespective of whether they have a Long Stay or Short Stay Visa. This is to avoid individuals from abusing the route for their own gains.

    Surpassing the immigration and travel requirement can be easily achieved with a demonstratable history of compliance. For example, previous visas or stamps in an applicant’s passport demonstrates that he/she has abided by the immigration rules and can, therefore, be trusted to enter and leave when their permit expires.

    Demonstrating favourable immigration history can be shown by either travel to and from Ireland or from the UK, Schengen States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

    Individuals who have a Short Stay Business Visa may be eligible for a Multiple Entry Visa that lasts up to five years. However, this is only considered if the applicant has a satisfactory visa history and an on-going business concern in Ireland.

    Those with a limited yet compliant history may still be eligible for a Multiple Entry Visa but it may be granted for a shorter period of time.

    Overstayers or those who have worked in the State illegally will usually be prohibited from this type of permission. 

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      What are the Single Journey Entry Rules for Long Stay D Visa holders?

      Applicants who are seeking to stay in Ireland for a period of 3 months or more, for example to Study, Work or Join Family Members, usually have a Long Stay D Visa.

      In this event, applicants are best suited to the Single Entry type of permission. This is because non-EEA and foreign residents in Ireland are required to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) and are then given an identity (GNIB) card or Irish Residence Permit (IRP). With these documents, foreign nationals can come and go from Ireland as they please rather than apply for a Multiple Entry Visa up until their period of permission expires.

      What are the Single Entry requirements for Short Stay C Visa holders?

      Applicants who have a Short Stay C Visa to the Republic of Ireland can seek either a Single Entry or Multi Entry Visa.

      However, the first permission applicants are granted is usually a Single Entry, meaning they need to leave the State and seek to re-enter again. Applicants must indicate in their visa application that they require a Multiple Entry permit and pay the appropriate fee.

      It is important to note that this request may not be considered and you may instead receive Single Entry permission again. In this event, the fee you paid for the Multiple Entry Permit will not be refunded.

      Multi entry visa for child Ireland

      If an applicant under the age of 16 wishes to apply for a Long Stay ‘D’ multi-entry visa, they must adhere to a number of conditions.

      In order to be able to leave Ireland for a short time and re-enter the country again, they must:

      • Possess a valid multi entry visa, or
      • Successfully apply for a re-entry visa before they leave Ireland, or
      • Successfully apply for another visa from outside of Ireland.

      In order to be eligible for a multi-entry visa, the parent or guardian of the applicant must include their Irish Residence Permit (or GNIB card) as part of the application. If the applicant is moving to Ireland with their parents or guardians, they would first need to register their immigration permission at a registration office before they can receive an Irish Residence Permit.

      Application fee for multi entry and single entry visa Ireland

      The application fees for multi-entry and single-entry visas are as follows:

      Short Stay ‘C’ Visa:

      • Single-entry: €60
      • Multi-entry: €100

      Long Stay ‘D’ Visa:

      • Single-entry: €60
      • Multi-entry: €100

      Note that Long Stay ‘D’ Visas may incur additional costs, depending on which specific visa type you’re applying for.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  The fees for this visa are as follows:

                  • A Single Entry Journey visa costs  €60
                  • A Multiple Entry visa costs  €100

                  These fees are stand-alone and differ from other visa fees. 

                  However, some applicants are not required to pay a fee for a Multi Entry visa. This includes spouses and certain family members of EEA citizens as long as proof of relationship is provided within the application  

                  There is also a Short-Stay Visa Waiver Programme which applies to long-term legal residents of the UK or Schengen area who still need a visa yet may be considered for a fee waiver.

                  Once your entry permission is accepted alongside your Irish Visa, your permit and appropriate stamp will be placed inside a blank page of your passport. It is crucial that you double-check its validity and expiry dates as you may be granted a shorter time period than you originally planned for.

                  If your entry permission and visa is refused, you will be issued your passport alongside a Letter of Refusal. This letter details why your application was rejected.

                  Visa refusals can be common for applicants who attempt to apply for a visa without professional guidance. This is because applicants can fail to supply enough evidence to support their application.

                  You may wish to seek an Appeal or re-apply through the entire process again. Get in touch with the Immigration Advice Service to see how we can help you with your application.

                  You cannot enter Northern Ireland while in receipt of a Multi Entry Visa. This is because Northern Ireland falls under UK law and therefore UK immigration and visa requirements.

                  In order to visit Northern Ireland, you will require a Multiple Entry Visa and a UK Visa.

                  The Immigration Advice Service has specially dedicated immigration consultants who are well versed in both Irish and UK immigration law. Contact our client care team to see how we can advise you on both your Irish Visa and UK Visa, just the same as hiring any immigration lawyer.

                  If you don’t have an IRP/GNIB card, you will still need a valid visa and entry permission, even if your card is in the post.

                  • Long-term residents without a card – it can take a few weeks before you receive your IRP/GNIB card but if you need to travel in and out of Ireland before you receive it, you should seek a Multiple Entry Visa for the time being.
                  • Diplomats and other similarly accredited members of staff at an Embassy will need to apply for a Re-Entry visa
                  • Stamp 6 Holders – normally don’t receive an IRP/GNIB card so will need a Re-Entry Visa
                  • Children under the age of 15 – do not receive IRP/GNIB cards so their parents or legal guardians will need to apply for a Re-Entry visa for them on their behalf


                  The Irish State aims to give applicants a verdict on their visa application within 15-20 working days. However, applicants should leave room and margins for error that may result in longer delays. Public holidays, weekends and postage to and from the posting office could all contribute towards delays.

                  It is best practice to apply for your visa at least 8 weeks before you intend on coming to Ireland.

                  Children who are aged between 0 to 15 years who are not Irish nationals but who live in the State must have a Re-Entry Visa. This can be made by their parents or legal guardians on their behalf.

                  However, applications for children are free of charge.

                  The Immigration Advice Service is compiled of both UK and Irish immigration consultants that are well versed in all aspects of immigration law.

                  In addition, there are a plethora of packages that applicants can choose from when they are seeking legal guidance.

                  This comes in the form of:

                  • The Application Package – where your assigned immigration expert will check that you meet the requirements and even fill out your application for you on your behalf
                  • The Advice Package – where your consultant will talk you through your circumstances and advise which documents you may need or your next steps
                  • The Fast-Track Application Package – in the event of needing an urgent decision on your visa application, IAS can streamline the application process and consider your case a top priority
                  • The Document Checking service – where your Irish immigration expert will assess the documents that you wish to submit in your application and will advise you on anything else you may have missed, the same as any immigration lawyer would.

                  Call us today on (+353) 061 518 025  to see how we can help you.