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Renewing Irish Passport

Irish passports are ranked as the 5th best passport to have in the world, allowing you to travel all over the world and visit over 185 countries without applying for a visa. When your passport is coming up to expiry, it’s essential to renew your passport in order to continue enjoying the travel opportunities your passport offers.

We know that passport applications can sometimes be tricky, particularly if you have complicated citizenship circumstances. We are here to help. Call IAS today on +353 061 518 025 or contact us online.

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    Overview of Irish Passport

    Irish passports are available to citizens of Ireland, and are valid for ten years. Irish passports offer ample travel flexibility to most countries around the world.

    You should apply to renew your passport as soon as possible if:

    • Your passport is coming up to six months before it’s expiry date
    • You have lost or damaged your passport
    • Your passport has been stolen
    • You have changed your name
    • You have lost or damaged your passport, or it was stolen

    Renewing your passport is not the same as applying for an Irish passport for the first time.

    If you previously had a valid Irish passport, but it expired over five years ago, then it is not renewable and you must follow the procedure for applying for a first passport application.

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    What Types of Irish Passports Are There?

    There are three types of adult irish passport available to citizens:

    • Standard electronic passport
    • Passport cards
    • Second passport for business travellers

    Most people opt for a standard electronic passport, as this allows citizens to travel to most countries without restriction.

    Passport cards are available for travel within the EU, EEA and Switzerland. You can use this instead of taking your passport if you travel in these areas.

    Second passports are for those who travel abroad frequently and who need to continue travelling when an embassy holds their passport whilst issuing their visa.

    When Should I Renew My Irish Passport?


    If you have a valid Irish passport already, you are allowed to renew it at any time. Your new passport will run from the date of renewal, and will not have the leftover validity period of your original passport ‘added on’.

    There are several reasons why you may wish to renew your current passport early, such as:

    • You are moving abroad and are unlikely to return to Ireland before your passport expiry date (renewals from abroad are available, but can be more difficult)
    • Before your last valid six months until your passport expiry date
    • You have committed a crime or had issues with Irish law that could negatively impact your passport application.

    The Six Month Rule 

    Many countries require passport holders to have at least six months or longer of validity on their passport before they are allowed to enter the country.

    More than 70 countries follow the six month rule, including popular destinations like Canada, Egypt, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.

    Please note that if you are travelling to the UK or EU, you can travel without a minimum validity period on your passport. However, it is recommended that you do not plan long-term travel with less than six months passport validity.

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      How Do I Renew my Irish Passport?

      You can renew your passport by applying:

      • Online
      • By post
      • In person.

      In order to apply for a passport renewal, you will need the following:

      • Your current/previous Irish passport
      • A recent digital photo of yourself
      • Payment.

      Passport photos can be taken at pharmacies or post offices, or you can take a picture yourself. Please note there are specific photo requirements such as:

      • Having a blank white wall behind you
      • Ensuring that no hair or headwear is covering the oval of your face
      • Removing spectacles or anything covering your eyes.

      As you are applying for a renewal, you do not need to provide identification documents such as a birth certificate.

      If your passport expired more than five years ago, then you will need to follow a separate first time Irish passport application process.

      If the validity period of your current Irish passport has more than one year on it, then you will need to send it to the passport services by post.

      Though unlikely, please note that the Immigration Office may ask for other supporting documents if required.

      Online Renewal

      If your recent passport expired less than five years ago, you can apply for your new passport online. This is the easiest and cheapest way to  submit your passport renewal application.

      If the validity period of your current Irish passport has more than one year on it, then you will need to send it to the passport service by post, though you can still complete your passport application form online.

      You will need to have access to your digital passport photo to upload with your passport online application.

      Renewal by Post

      If you are renewing your passport by post in Ireland, you can use the Post Passport service.

      You will be required to fill out the APS 1 form, which you can pick up at any post office or Garda station. When applying by post, you must include four identical digital photographs in the application.

      Garda Station Witness

      If you need to renew your Irish passport by post, you must have a member of the Garda Síochána as a witness for the application. They must:

      • Witness you fill out and sign section 8 of the application form
      • Sign and stamp two of the four photographs and write the form number that is included in section 9 of the application form.

      Renewal in Person

      In-person renewals tend to be reserved for those who need a passport urgently. If you cannot wait for the standard renewal timeframe, then you can book an appointment with the Passport Office in Dublin or Cork. Appointment availability is subject to busy periods, so be mindful that it might be difficult to book an available slot immediately.

      There are three types of urgent renewal services available:

      • Same day – you can book three days prior to the appointment
      • Four days – you can book three weeks prior to the appointment
      • Five days – you can book three weeks prior to the appointment. Please note the five day renewal service is only available in London.

      If you need to travel urgently due to emergencies such as a death in the family or for medical reasons, you may need to access an emergency travel document instead. We can help you with your urgent travel needs – call IAS today on +353 061 518 025 or contact us online.

      For help finding the visa that works for you and your unique situation, speak to our immigration lawyers. Contact Us

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        How Long Does the Irish Passport Renewal Process Take?


        Most online renewal applications take 10 working days to process. However, it may take longer if your application is more complicated and extra documentation is required, or if you are changing information on your passport, such as your name. It may take longer if your passport has been lost or stolen.

        By Post

        Applying by post can take around 8 weeks to process, excluding postage times. It could take longer during busier periods, so be sure to apply with plenty of time between the time you send off the application and the time you require it for travel purposes.

        Fees for passport renewals

        Please note passport fees are subject to change, and additional payments may be required depending on the services you require or for obtaining additional documentation.

        Service  Type Cost
        Online 34 page(Standard) €75 + €15 processing fee if abroad
        66 page(Large) €105 + €15 postage fee if abroad
        Post 34 page(Standard) €80 + €9.50 processing fee
        66 page(Large) €110 + €9.50
        In-person 34 page(Standard) €95
        66 page(Large) €125

        How Can IAS Help?

        Passport renewals are a quick and easy process for most, however certain circumstances can make the renewal process more complicated.  If you have committed a crime, it could impact your ability to renew your passport. You might need advice or assistance with renewing your passport from abroad, as this can sometimes be more challenging, particularly in countries without an Irish consulate.

        We are here to help. Contact our expert team of immigration lawyers today online or call us on +353 061 518 025.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  If you require urgent renewal, you will need to do so in person and will need to book an appointment with the Passport Office in Cork, Dublin, or London. Appointment availability is subject to demand and could take a while to book during busy periods.

                  Depending on your circumstances, such as you have lost your passport abroad, you might need an emergency travel document. You must contact the Irish Embassy to support you or visit the Irish consulate in the country you are in.

                  If your passport is lost or stolen, you must let the Irish Passport Office know immediately.

                  You must also file it as lost or stolen with either the Garda Síochána in Ireland, or with the local police if you are abroad. You will receive a police report detailing the situation, and this must be included in your new passport application as you will not be issued a replacement without a police report.

                  You can renew online, by post, or in person at the Irish consulate in the country you are staying in.

                  In some circumstances, you may however need to arrange for your new passport to be sent to a UK address and have someone you trust send it abroad with a private courier company for you. This is recommended if you are staying in a country with an unreliable postal service. The same applies if you need to send your old passport to the passport office.

                  Make sure you allow additional time for international postage timelines.