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Student Visa Extension Ireland

Obtaining a student visa for Ireland offers an opportunity for students of non-EEA or Swiss nationality to attend school or university in Ireland. This visa tends to be issued with a limited duration of less than 90 days (Short Stay ‘C’ visa) or more than 90 days (Long Stay ‘D’ visa) and will eventually need to be extended, should the academic program continue past the period of the student’s permission to stay in Ireland.

If you are planning to renew your study visa or need any additional guidance, you can call our friendly team of Ireland visa experts at +353 061 518 025 for immediate support. We can help you with the process and documentation so that you can focus on your studies without the additional stress of navigating your student visa extension alone.

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    Renew Your Student Visa in Ireland

    Obtaining your student permission extension in Ireland is a slightly simpler process than the initial visa acquisition, but you still need to make sure that you can meet all student visa requirements.

    Keep in mind that this visa depends on your status as a student. As with the entry visa application, non-EEA students will only be able to renew their student visa in Ireland if they are still enrolled in a full-time study or higher education course that is recognised on the Interim List of Eligible Programmes (ILEP).

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    Eligibility for Student Visa Renewal Ireland


    To apply for a renewal or extension of your Irish student visa you will need to have a current visitor permission to be in Ireland and be enrolled in a full-time higher education course. Additionally, you will need to currently be in the country and should submit your application before your current permission expires.

    Your academic circumstances should justify your appeal to extend your study visa as a non-EEA student, allowing undergraduate students to continue their studies in the next academic year, move on to the next level of education, or make up for individual marks or assignments should those be needed to finish your current level of studies.

    You may also apply for an extension of your permission to stay in Ireland, if you entered Ireland on a short stay ‘C’ visa within the last 90 days and are facing unexpected circumstances, are unfit for travelling, or if you had to defer your academic course due to medical reasons. This will need to be verified by a doctor.


    In general, you will not be able to extend your Irish immigration permission if the following are the case:

    • You hold any other permission that is not a visitor permission
    • You have no current permission to study in Ireland
    • You have filed another application with Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) and are currently waiting on the outcome.

    Additionally, student visas are not generally granted to students who have failed the whole year or failed to meet minimum attendance requirements, if relevant.

    What Documentation Do I Need to Renew?


    When applying to renew your study visa in Ireland, you will be asked to provide several required documents that prove your identity, status, and reasons for the extension. The specific documents you will be asked to provide may vary based on your circumstances, but overall you should be prepared to provide the following:

    • The biometric page of your passport (must be valid and show your photograph, passport number, and date of birth)
    • The front and back of your current Irish Residence Permit card (IRP card)
    • A visa letter from your college, school, or university confirming your enrollment on a full-time course that is listed on the Interim List of Eligible Programmes (ILEP)
    • Proof that you have paid your course fees
    • Proof of scholarship or other funding (where applicable)
    • Proof of adequate private medical insurance (this should be offered by an Irish provider and cover accident and medical incidents, including hospital stays.)
    • Academic transcripts/exam results (where applicable)
    • Other documents that help explain why you need an extension.

    Depending on where you apply, the documents you provide should be digital copies (Dublin) or the originals (elsewhere in Ireland). You should keep copies of the documents you are asked to provide.

    Proof of Attendance

    If you are an Irish or English language student wishing to renew your immigration permission for an English language course, you might also need to provide attendance records to prove that you have attended at least 85% of your lessons.

    Medical Reasons for Deferral

    If the completion of your studies was impacted due to an accident or other health reasons, you may also be asked to provide evidence, such as relevant medical information or certificates.

    Erasmus and Erasmus+ Students

    If you came to Ireland under the Erasmus or Erasmus+ program, you will also need to provide a copy of the Mobility Agreement, the Learning Agreement, or the Inter-institutional Agreement. This should outline details of the sending and receiving organisations, the student/trainee, the program and learning outcomes, as well as further responsibilities taken on by the associated institutions.

    Erasmus students will also need to provide information about the insurance coverage provided by the organizer. This insurance should still cover accidents and serious illness, but should also include 3rd party liability and, where relevant, workplace insurance.

    Students under the Age of 18

    Any students under 18 years of age should also provide information on any adults who are accompanying them (if applicable) as well as proof of consent signed by a parent or legal guardian. This is not needed if the parent, legal guardian, or family member is living in Ireland.

    The proof of consent must be a notarized document and state the full details of the person or organisation that assumes care of the student during their stay.

    Accompanying this, the biometric passport page or national identity card of the parent or legal guardian should also be provided, clearly showing their signature.

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      Fees for Student Visa Extension

      You will need to pay a €300 fee when applying for a student visa extension in Ireland. This fee can only be paid with a valid debit card or credit card.

      If you are applying in Dublin, you will be asked to pay this during the online student visa renewal process. If you are applying elsewhere in Ireland, you will be asked to pay this during your appointment at your local registration office.

      Should you be denied a new permission, this fee will be refunded to you.

      The Application Process


      While the required steps and documentation are mostly the same, your location will make a major difference in how you will apply for your student visa renewal. If you reside in Dublin, you will have access to the online student visa renewal form on the Irish Immigration website. Elsewhere, you will have to do so in person.

      Applications in Dublin

      If you are a student living in Dublin, you will be able to renew your immigration permission online instead of needing to attend an appointment at the immigration office. Your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) will be sent to you via post.

      To start the renewal process of your Ireland student visa, you will have to visit the Irish Immigration website for permission renewals. If you haven’t done so before, you will need to register a new online account and then log in.

      Once logged in, look for the Registration Renewal form and start your official application. Here, you will be prompted to upload digital scans of your documents and pay the renewal fee of €300 via credit or debit card. Once you have filled out the form, uploaded your documents, and paid the fee, you will be able to submit your application.

      Applications Outside of Dublin

      If you are a student living elsewhere in Ireland (not in Dublin), you will need to apply for the renewal of your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) in person. To do so, you should visit the Garda website and select your division. You will need to book an appointment with your closest registration office, which you can do either via phone call or email.

      The waiting time for the next available appointment will depend on the registration office’s current workload.

      Before your appointment, you should make sure to prepare the documents you will need to bring to the registration office. Unlike Dublin-based applicants, you will need to provide the originals.

      During your appointment, the immigration officer will review your passport and other documents. You will be asked to pay the €300 renewal fee and to complete the paperwork needed to apply for your new IRP card.

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        What Happens after I Have Submitted My Renewal Application?

        After you have submitted your renewal application either online or with your local registration office, you will be given your unique application number (OREG number) and payment receipt. Make sure to hold onto these details for future reference.

        You will receive an email informing you if your renewal application was successful. If you applied online, your new, valid registration card will be sent to you within 10 to 15 working days after this email. If you applied in person, you will be informed when your IRP card is ready to be collected.

        You will also receive emails, should additional documentation be required, or if your application was declined. In case of an unsuccessful application, you will receive a refund of the fee you have paid, as well as an explanation of why your application failed.

        Timelines of Ireland Student Visa Renewals

        Overall processing times for student visa renewal applications will vary, but you will be informed when your new IRP card is ready. On average, you should expect about 4 to 8 weeks for your student visa renewal to be processed. It might take another 2 weeks for your new IRP card to arrive.

        You may apply for the renewal of your permission up to 12 weeks before the expiry of your current Ireland student visa to allow time for processing.

        What Happens If My Visa Expires?

        Should your current IRP card expire before you are able to obtain a renewal, your status depends on the timeline of your renewal application. If you applied before the expiry date of your current IRP card, you will legally be permitted to remain for a provisional period of a maximum of 8 weeks during which your renewal may come through. Your application receipt will serve as proof that you applied on time.

        Should you not have applied for renewal before the expiry date of your current IRP card, you will no longer be legally permitted to remain in Ireland. This might change after your renewal application has been processed.

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          Tips for a Successful IRP Renewal

          While the decision to approve or reject your visa extension is at the discretion of the immigration officer reviewing your application, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances:

          • Allow enough time for your application
          • Make sure your passport is in date
          • Make sure that your documents are complete. If you are missing essential documentation, your application might be delayed or even rejected
          • Make sure that the documentary evidence you provide is accurate. It is important that you check your application form and paperwork. Making mistakes will delay your application but if you are found to be deliberately deceptive you might face more serious consequences with the immigration authorities
          • Make sure your medical insurance meets the requirements. While travel insurance might have been enough for your initial student visa application, it will not qualify for a renewal. You will need private medical insurance that is offered by an Irish provider and covers accidents, medical incidents, as well as hospitalisation.
          • Be ready to pay the application fee

          How Can IAS Help?

          While you might already feel more familiar with the process after applying for your initial Ireland student visa, it is important that you understand the specific requirements under which this visa might be extended.

          Our dedicated team at IAS is experienced in Ireland visa applications and will be able to assess your circumstances, and eligibility, while guiding you through the process of preparing your documents and applying to renew your student visa.

          Call us today at +353 061 518 025 and receive tailored advice that is sure to make the legal side of international studies a whole lot easier.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    No, non-EEA nationals are only eligible for a student visa when enrolled in full-time educational programmes that have been recognised on the ILEP. As your visa status is dependent on your status as a student, trying to change your course later would invalidate your visa.

                    No, unfortunately, you will need to be enrolled on a full-time basis to qualify for an Ireland student visa. It is difficult for international students to gain or renew a visa for part-time studies, as these usually do not meet visa requirements.

                    If your student visa expires you may be given an 8-week provisional period during which you are legally permitted to continue living, studying, and working in Ireland. This is conditional to you having applied before your current permission expired, and you will need to provide proof of your application date to your employer. If you do not renew your registration, you will need to leave Ireland.