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What is the Ireland student visa rejection rate?

Ireland has a low student visa rejection rate, meaning that it is an attractive destination for international students to study in.

If you are in the process of applying for your Ireland student visa and want the support of an experienced immigration lawyer, contact IAS for immediate support and advice.

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    Ireland’s student visa rejection rate

    Ireland has a student visa rejection rate of between 1% and 4%, meaning that around 94% of all student visa applications will be accepted.*

    Ireland’s Department of Justice (the state agency that oversees visa processing) does not release regular public figures about rates of visa acceptance or refusal.

    In 2019, the global visa acceptance rate in Ireland was 89.6%, meaning that over 10% of visas were rejected.

    However, according to the data, some nationalities are more likely to be denied a study visa than others (including people from Nigeria and Yemen).

    Despite the low refusal figure, there are disappointed applicants every year who fail to have their student visas approved.

    If you want to have the confidence of working with an immigration lawyer on your student visa application, contact IAS for an immediate discussion about how we can assist you.

    We have a high rate of success with our study visa applications and look forward to helping you come to Ireland.

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    *The above figure was provided by the Director of Enterprise Ireland for India and South Asia, David Flood, at a conference in February 2020.

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    Why can a student visa be rejected?

    There are many student visa requirements and eligibility criteria for student visas in Ireland. Visas may be rejected when applicants fail to show how they meet these conditions.

    The below list contains the codes that you may see on a visa refusal letter.

    Below are some common reasons why a visa can be rejected:

    ID (insufficient documentation): You can be refused a student visa on the basis that you have not included adequate supporting documents, where your documents have not been translated to English, where your form is incomplete, or where you have not signed the form

    F (finances): If you fail to show that you can support yourself financially in Ireland during your studies, your visa will be rejected

    PF or PR (public funds or public resources): You must show that you will not rely on support from public funds or public resources for the duration of your stay

    R (reference in Ireland): If you do not provide details about your intentions in Ireland, your visa may be refused. In most cases, the offer on your student letter of acceptance will fulfil this criterion

    P (passport): If your passport is due to expire in six months, or has some other issue, your Ireland student visa will not be granted

    VR PVR (visa refused and previous visa refusal(s): If your previous visa application was refused and your situation has not changed, or you have failed to provide information to show why you should be accepted

    INCO (inconsistencies): If the immigration official identifies inconsistencies in your application, your visa may be refused

    SP (student profile): Students must provide the appropriate English language test score, if they have applied for a course that does not match their prior education, or if they have unexplained gaps in education history, they may not be allowed to study in Ireland on a study visa

    CP (course profile): Failing to show why you wish to study in Ireland and the ways in which this course will benefit you will likely result in your visa being rejected

    OB (obligation): Students must demonstrate clearly their obligation to leave Ireland after your course ends (e.g., professional, economic, family, and social ties)

    OC (observe the conditions): It is important that you can satisfy the immigration official that you will not breach the conditions of your visa, including that you will not overstay, work illegally and not use the Common Travel Area without an appropriate visa

    How to appeal a visa rejection

    It is always disappointing when a visa application is refused or rejected. Applicants can spend time and money submitting their form, as well as the hope of gaining opportunities in a new country.

    However, if your Ireland student visa is rejected, it is not necessarily the case that you cannot study in Ireland.

    You may have the right of appeal and you can exercise this right to give yourself an opportunity to re-apply.

    It is important to act quickly, as this right does not last indefinitely.

    Whether your visa is accepted or rejected, you will receive an official letter from the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) outlining the next steps.

    In most cases, you will be given the right to appeal at no extra cost.

    If you wish to appeal, you must appeal within two months of the date of the letter of refusal. If you fail to lodge your appeal by this time, you must submit a new application.

    Submitting your visa appeal

    All appeals must be sent by letter and include the following information:

    • Applicant’s full name
    • Applicant’s postal address
    • Applicant’s email address
    • Applicant’s passport details
    • The visa application transaction number
    • Reasons why you believe the decision should be changed
    • Address all the reasons why the application was refused
    • Any other information that you believe is relevant

    The address for the Irish visa office is Visa Appeals Office, Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, Department of Justice and Equality, 13-14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2, D02 XK70, Ireland.

    According to INIS, you should be aged over 18 years old for to be able to submit an Ireland student visa appeal.

    If you are aged under 18 years old, you must have your parent, guardian, or their legal representative submit the application on your behalf.

    You should be aware that in some cases, you are not permitted to appeal a visa decision, and instead you may be prevented from re-applying for a visa for up to give years.

    This may be the case if you submit inaccurate or misleading information within your application.

    Please note that no firm can guarantee that your visa will be approved as this decision is at the discretion of the Irish immigration authorities.

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      How can IAS help me?

      IAS can help you with every step in your student visa application, and support you throughout the process.

      We can assess your eligibility for your visa to study in Ireland and give you an estimation of how likely your application is to be successful.

      One of the common reasons for a visa being refused is the applicant failing to submit all the necessary supporting documents.

      This is because the official visa guidance documents do not always include the exact information that you must submit, but if you do not include these documents, your visa may be refused.

      That is why many people choose to engage the services of immigration lawyers, who understand the exact information that must be submitted.

      Speak to our friendly and professional advisers today to get your student visa process started. We are particularly experienced in supporting international students from Africa as well as study visas for Indian students.

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