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Documents Required for Asylum in the UK

If you need to apply for asylum in the UK, it is essential that you know which documents are required.

Individuals who submit applications with missing documents will not be considered eligible for UK asylum. To get more information about the document requirements for asylum in the UK, get in touch with IAS on +44 (0)333 305 9375.

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    What Documents Do I Need in Order to Claim Asylum in The UK?

    The document requirement for asylum in the UK differs depending on the stage of the asylum process. Paperwork required for the initial screening interview are:

    • Evidence of UK address, such as a utility bill or tenancy agreement
    • Valid passport and other travel documents
    • Identification documents such as birth certificate, or identity card

    For the subsequent substantive interview, candidates are expected to bring:

    • Valid passport and travel documents
    • Birth certificate
    • Any evidence to support the asylum claim
    • Application Registration Card
    • Proof of address
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    What Happens If I am Missing a Document for My Asylum Claim?

    It is essential the applicant includes all the required pieces of evidence in their application as missing documents can lead to UK asylum rejection.

    However, the UK Home Office is aware that many people seeking asylum have valid reasons for not being able to provide all of the supporting documents. Therefore, candidates are encouraged to apply for asylum even if they are missing a valuable document.

    The exception to this is that all individuals seeking asylum in the UK must possess a valid passport. If there were obstacles to obtaining a passport, the Home Office may still approve an asylum claim for someone who has travelled on a different passport.

    Although missing documents are a common situation in UK asylum claims, it can be difficult to make a legal case for an incomplete application. Having legal representation gives applicants a better chance of approval, as specialist immigration lawyers are familiar with UK government legislation.

    If you are dealing with a missing document, we urge you to contact IAS on +44 (0)333 305 9375. Our immigration lawyers can help boost your chances of being accepted into the UK as a refugee.

    The Process of Claiming Asylum in the UK

    Eligibility for UK Asylum

    To claim asylum in the UK, individuals must be able to prove that they cannot stay in their current country due to the threat of persecution from authorities or groups that have been disciplined by authorities. The persecution must be linked to political opinion, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, race or nationality.

    Asylum is viewed as a last resort, which means the applicant must also demonstrate that they attempted to seek protection in their country before applying for UK asylum.

    Registration for UK Asylum

    When someone moves to the UK to seek asylum, they must register their asylum claim upon arrival at the UK border. This allows immigration officers to handle the situation immediately by conducting an asylum screening interview.

    Individuals who are already in the UK must get in touch with the asylum intake unit.

    At the asylum screening interview, an immigration officer will take biometrics and discuss the asylum claim. They will ask questions about the nature of the claim, medical needs and the candidate’s immigration status.

    Candidates will also be asked to provide the required supporting documents.

    Substantive Interview for UK Asylum

    This interview takes place after the screening, provided that the Home Office chooses to progress the claim to the next stage. It is a more in-depth discussion about the asylum claim and immigration officers use this interview as a way to determine whether an applicant’s story is genuine.

    Candidates will need to give a chronological account of their situation with accurate dates and documents to support the claim. It is common for interviewees to feel overwhelmed during the interview as they are questioned over a long period of time.

    Immigration solicitors can help to reduce the stress of the asylum interview by informing candidates on exactly what to expect before it takes place.

    Decisions on UK Asylum

    Once the Home Office has reached an asylum decision, they will contact the person claiming asylum. The possible outcomes are:

    • Refugee status
    • Humanitarian protection
    • Discretionary leave
    • Unaccompanied minor leave to remain
    • Restricted leave
    • Refusal
    • Deportation

    Our immigration consultants can help with your application for documents required for asylum in the UK. We are also available to assist you. Contact Us

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      How Can IAS Help?

      Our immigration team know exactly what you need to provide to the Home Office for a successful asylum claim.

      As well as offering initial application guidance, we can help with appealing a UK asylum claim rejection and the next steps.

      Hiring a lawyer who is experienced in appeals and judicial reviews may mean that you still have a strong chance of obtaining refugee status in the UK.

      Get in touch with us on +44 (0)333 305 9375, for professional advice on submitting an application to the Home Office that is complete and backed by sufficient evidence.

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                Yes, refugees are eligible to claim state benefits in the UK.

                Individuals who have not yet been granted asylum can access asylum support in the form of financial aid and housing.

                It is vital that you include all the documents required for UK asylum. Incomplete applications may be rejected by the Home Office, which could ultimately result in deportation.

                If you cannot include all supporting documents, you must notify the Home Office and offer an explanation for the missing documents.

                There is no guarantee that your application will progress past this point.

                The UK government expects people seeking asylum to claim asylum in the first safe country they enter, which is often an EU country.

                If someone has travelled to a ‘safe third country’ before arriving in the UK, they will not be able to apply for asylum in the UK.

                There will be an attempt to help the candidate re-enter the safe third country they arrived in. At this stage, they can begin the process of applying for asylum.

                It is becoming less common to use the term ‘asylum seeker’ as it has negative undertones. The term ‘person seeking asylum’ is often preferred.