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Ireland Stamp 0 Retirement for Elderly Dependent Parents

Stamp 0 is a residence permission for certain non-EEA nationals who otherwise don’t qualify for long-term residency in Ireland. You could be eligible for the Stamp 0 immigration permission if you are the elderly, dependent relative of a non-EEA national residing in Ireland.

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    Ireland Stamp 0 for Elderly Dependent Parents

    Stamp 0 is one of the Ireland immigration stamps, which indicates permission to stay in Ireland for a temporary period. The original purpose of Stamp 0 was to provide an immigration route for non-EEA nationals who might not otherwise qualify for residence permission in Ireland.

    In order to be eligible, you must be fully financially self-sufficient or your sponsor in Ireland must be of independent means and can support you fully. You will not be able to receive any benefits or use publicly funded services if you are living in Ireland under Stamp 0.

    Some examples of when Stamp 0 might be given include:

    • To retire or live in Ireland as a person of independent means
    • To live in Ireland as an elderly and dependent relative of a non-EEA/non-Swiss citizen
    • As a visiting academic or researcher
    • To extend a short-term visit in Ireland due to exceptional humanitarian circumstances
    • To work in Ireland for an overseas company to carry out a specific task

    The focus of this page will be Stamp 0 for elderly and dependent parent/s of non-EEA nationals in Ireland.

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    Who is Classed as a Dependent?

    For the purposes of Irish immigration, a dependent is classed as:

    • Someone who is supported financially by the sponsor on a continuous basis
    • Someone who has a social dependency on the sponsor

    The dependency must be to the extent that independent living of the family member would be unsustainable or impossible without the support of the sponsor. In other words, the support must be essential rather than welcome.

    For immigration purposes, the dependency must be pre-existing and sustained prior to the making of the application for family reunification.

    There must be sufficient evidence of the dependency of the elderly relative in the Stamp 0 application. Immigration authorities must be convinced that family dependency has not been fabricated as a means of facilitating the immigration of the person.

    What do I Need to Know About Ireland Stamp 0 for Retirement?

    Stamp 0 can provide a lifeline for elderly, dependant parents of both Irish citizens and non-EEA nationals. One of the key requirements for this immigration permission is the ability of the elderly parent to financially support themselves, whether through their own finances or their sponsor’s.

    The dependant relative will not be permitted access to any public funds whilst they are in Ireland under Stamp 0, including medical treatment. If the dependant relative requires medical treatment whilst they are in Ireland, either short-term or long-term, they must pay for their treatment. It is important to bear in mind that the cost of nursing home care and similar services is considerate.

    The onus is on the family to prove to Irish immigration officials that there is no viable alternative to the dependent parent/s to move to Ireland.

    For instance, if the parent has an individual income of €50,000 and is physically capable of independent living, they could be eligible for the standard Retirement Visa.

    What are the Financial Requirements for Stamp 0?

    The sponsor’s financial support for the elderly, dependent relative must be high enough to meet the foreseeable expense.

    In each of the three years prior to the application, the sponsor of the elderly, dependent relative must have received an income after tax and deductions of at least €60,000 in the case of one parent and €75,000 in the case of two parents.

    If the relative has a guaranteed income into the future, this can be used to partially offset financial requirements.

    If you are not sure whether you meet the financial threshold or would like more information on how you can meet the threshold, please call us now on (+353) 061 518 025.

    Conditions of Stamp 0 for Elderly Relatives

    Elderly, dependent relatives must be covered by private medical cover at or above the level of VHI Plan D or the equivalent to be considered for Stamp 0.

    The sponsor must sign a legal undertaking confirming that they will bear complete financial responsibility for the elderly, dependent relative and that any State funds granted to the family must be reimbursed by them.

    The sponsor will also be required to make detailed provision for the accommodation of the elderly dependent relative.

    Stamp 0 permission is considered a temporary form of residency, but it can be renewed on an annual basis, providing the conditions are met. It is important to bear in mind that time spent in Ireland under Stamp 0 does not qualify as reckonable residence and for this reason, Stamp 0 should not be considered as a step towards Irish citizenship.

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      Stamp 0 Application Process

      The application process for Stamp 0 permission may vary somewhat depending on the dependent’s circumstances.

      Still, the standard process is as follows:

      • Application for permission to travel to Ireland, sometimes known as immigration preclearance. A Stamp 0 Conditional Letter of Offer will be sent to you if you are successful
      • Complete a Long Stay D Join Family Member Visa application. You will need to include the Stamp 0 Conditional Letter of Offer with the application
      • The Irish Immigration National Service will provide you with a letter of permission if your application is successful
      • Arrive in Ireland and report to immigration officials, who will permit you entry into the country if they are satisfied with the information you provide
      • Register at your local immigration office for permission to remain as soon as possible

      The application process for Stamp 0 permission is not a straightforward one. Here at the Immigration Advice Service, we can provide expert guidance and assistance with Stamp 0 applications. Please call us now on (+353) 061 518 025 to find out how we can help you to reunite with your family in Ireland.

      What are the Required Documents for Permission to Remain Registrations?

      As mentioned, if the elderly, dependent relative is permitted entry to Ireland under Stamp 0, they must complete a registration application for permission to remain at their local Irish immigration office as soon as possible. The details around how to register will be provided in the letter of permission.

      The documents which an elderly, dependent relative needs to provide are as follows:

      • Clear copy of all pages of the dependent’s passport, including the visa
      • Copy of birth certificate
      • Evidence of relationship to the sponsor. The sponsor’s birth certificate, for example
      • Details of all the person’s family members who are in Ireland, including their legal status in the State
      • Evidence of the finances available. Payslips and bank statements can be used
      • Evidence in financial documents that the sponsor is earning an income of €60,000 for one parent and €75,000 for two parents in the three years prior to the application
      • Full details of the accommodation arrangements
      • Evidence of private medical insurance with full cover in private hospitals
      • Information containing future intentions in Ireland

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  The Immigration Advice service is a leading immigration firm, with a wealth of experience in the field. If you need any assistance with Stamp 0 applications, we are here to help.

                  One of our immigration lawyers can help prepare your portfolio of documentary evidence, which is absolutely crucial in Stamp 0 applications.

                  Once we have collected all your necessary documentation, we can provide assistance with the entire application process, including with the initial immigration preclearance, the visa application and the process of registering at the immigration office.

                  We are here to help you reunite with your family in Ireland. For more information, please call us now on (+353) 061 518 025.

                  Applications for family reunification of Irish residents with elderly, dependent relatives must be made from outside Ireland. Applications will not be accepted by a person who visits Ireland on a visitor visa and then seeks leave to remain in the country.

                  If someone is living under Stamp 0, this time will not count as reckonable residence towards Irish citizenship. Ultimately, Stamp 0 should not be considered as a step towards Irish citizenship.

                  However, it is possible to renew Stamp 0 immigration permission on an annual basis.

                  Yes, any national of a visa-required country will need to apply for a visa if they wish to travel to Ireland.

                  As the applicant will be living in Ireland for longer than 90 days under Stamp 0 immigration permission, they will need to apply for a Long Stay D Join Family Member Visa after they have received their Stamp 0 Conditional Letter of Offer.

                  If you cannot prove that your elderly parent is dependent on you, they might be able to enter Ireland through other family reunification routes.

                  For instance, if the sponsor is in Ireland as a Critical Skills Employment Permit holder, their parent/s will usually be eligible to join them in Ireland.

                  Also, if the parent has an individual income of €50,000 and is physically capable of independent living, they could be eligible for the standard Retirement Visa.

                  For more information on different family reunification routes in Ireland, please call us now on (+353) 061 518 025.