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Irish Passport for Baby

If you’re a parent or guardian and want to get an Irish passport for your baby, here is some information on the process of obtaining an Irish child’s passport.

For more information on Irish child passports, including more details about eligibility, required documentation, how to apply, and how to receive bespoke advice on Irish passports, reach out to one of our advisors today. Call us on (+353) 061 518 025, or contact us online.

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    Overview of Irish Child Passport

    To be able to apply for an Irish passport for your baby, your child must be an Irish citizen.

    In most cases, the Passport Service must get consent from all the child’s guardians before it can issue a child’s passport.

    The child’s passport is valid for 5 years.

    You can apply for your child’s first Irish passport online through Passport Online or by post through Post Passport.

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    Consent of all the child’s guardians must be noted on the passport application. This applies for both first-time passport applications and passport renewals.

    Joint Guardianship

    If you are or were married to the other parent of your baby, and the other parent is still alive, both parents or guardians must give guardian consent.

    If you are a joint guardian of the baby, both parents or guardians must give guardian consent.

    If applying online, you must print out the Child Passport Identity and Consent Form which both guardians must sign.

    If applying by post, both guardians must sign the parent consent section (Section 7) of the application form.

    If you are not in touch with your baby’s other parent/guardian, or if that parent/guardian refuses to give consent, you can apply to the District Court for a court order, which will allow the Passport Service to issue the passport without that consent.

    Sole Guardianship

    In terms of guardian consent with sole guardians, the situation is different. This can happen if you are a single mother and the father has not arranged to become a joint guardian or if the other parent/guardian is deceased.

    If you are the sole guardian, you will have to provide an affidavit (AFF1) stating that you are the sole guardian. This should be completed in the presence of a solicitor or Commissioner for Oaths.

    If the other parent/guardian is deceased, you will also have to provide a death certificate.


    The signatures of the guardians granting consent must be appropriately witnessed. All guardians need to sign the relevant part of the Child Passport Identity and Consent Form in the presence of a suitable witness.

    It is the responsibility of the guardian(s) to accompany the child to an appropriate witness for signature. The witness must witness the signature of the guardian(s) who give consent.

    The witness must complete, sign and stamp the relevant sections of the Child Passport Identity and Consent Form (or provide a business card if the witness does not have an official stamp), sign each section separately if they witness both parents’/guardians’ signatures, and include a work landline phone number – mobile phone numbers are not accepted

    For all children applications made in Ireland, a member of the Garda Síochána is required to complete the Identity Verification Form and witness the signatures.

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      How Do I Apply?

      Applying Online

      To apply online, you can use the Passport Online service to apply for your baby’s first Irish passport. You will need access to a printer for your first passport application.

      You must also be able to pay by credit or debit card.

      You must include a digital photo as part of your application. You can do this in 3 ways:

      • Have your baby’s photo taken at a participating photo provider, who will give you a unique code to include in your online application
      • Have your baby’s photo taken at a photo provider, and ask them to email it to you, or save the photo on a USB device/other storage method. You must have access to the photo when completing your online application
      • Take a photo at home using a digital camera or smartphone. The photo must capture your baby’s image from the waist upwards

      The guardian who completes the online application and declaration must accompany the child when their identity is being verified. This guardian will be identified as ‘Guardian A’ on the Child Passport Identity and Consent Form.

      ‘Guardian A’ must use the same witness to verify the child’s identity and witness your consent. This must be a member of the Garda Síochána for your baby’s first passport. The second guardian (‘Guardian B’) can use the same witness or a different witness to give their consent.

      Once the online application is completed, you will be asked to print an Application Cover Page that will list the documents needed to send over to Passport Service.

      Applying by Post

      Post Passport is a service provided by An Post. If your baby is an Irish citizen living in Ireland, you should fill out form APS 1. You can find this form at Garda stations and any Post Office.

      For the paper application, you must include 4 recent identical photographs of your baby with your application. Two of these photographs should be signed on the back by the person who witnesses the application. The witness should also write the form number shown in Section 9 of the application form on the two signed photographs.

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      Documentation Required

      Here is some of the basic documentation required when applying for an Irish child passport:

      • Photographs – digital photo if applying online, or four passport photographs (2 of which have been signed by a witness as per instructions provided with the application form)
      • Child’s birth certificate
      • Fee
      • PPS number
      • Additional documentation to confirm the child’s Irish citizenship
        • The additional documentation you need to provide is dependent on how your baby obtained their Irish citizenship. Original documents cannot be returned while the application is being processed and documents will be returned within 20 working days of the passport issue.

      What are the Fees and Processing Times?

      For first-time applications, the fees are:

      • Passport Online – €20, plus €5 postage fee
      • Post Passport – €30, plus An Post’s fee of €9.50

      Online applications are completed in approximately 20 working days for first-time applicants.

      Paper applications can take at least 8 weeks for your application to be processed (not including the time of post). This period may be extended at certain times of the year due to increased application numbers.

      Speak to us for a comprehensive rundown of documentation needed for your baby's Irish passport application. Contact Us

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        Passport Renewal

        An Irish child’s passport is valid for 5 years.

        If you decide to renew your child’s passport, but it is valid for more than 6 months, you must send it with the application. This passport will be cancelled when the new passport is issued.

        You will need access to a printer to be able to print the Child Passport Identity and Consent Form. This form will need to be completed and signed in front of an appropriate witness.

        Fees for renewal are the same as first-time applications. Processing time takes around 15 working days.

        How Can IAS Help?

        At IAS, we provide help with Irish passport applications.

        We can advise on the application process, where to find a suitable witness, and help with additional documentation needed for your baby’s application.

        Our immigration experts at IAS have the tools and knowledge to assist you, regardless of the complexities or personal circumstances surrounding your passport application.

        Ring us today on (+353) 061 518 025 or contact us online, to see how we can provide a tailored advice or application session with an expert to suit your needs.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  No, you must submit your child’s birth certificate when applying for a child’s passport for the first time.

                  If you are an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen and your child was born in Ireland, you will have to show that either parent of the baby has lived in Ireland for 3 out of 4 years before your child was born.

                  You should send:

                  • Declaration Form A if you are the parent of the child
                  • Declaration Form B if you are acting in loco parentis (parents unable to make the declaration)

                  You must provide evidence to prove your residency. To prove your residency, either parent can send:

                  • Tax records, including P60, P45 and P35L certificates
                  • Records confirming any social welfare benefits
                  • Other documents to fill any gaps in periods of residency (pay slips, utility bills, rent/lease agreement)

                  If you are a citizen of a country outside the EEA/Switzerland and your child was born in Ireland, you will have to show that you (or the other parent) have lived legally in Ireland for 3 out of the 4 years before your child was born. Time spent waiting for an International Protection decision or living in Ireland on a student visa does not count toward residence requirements.

                  You must send:

                  • Original passport with permission stamps to reside in Ireland and/or your Irish Residence Permit Card (IRP)
                  • Letters from the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) granting you permission to remain in the State.
                  • A written summary statement that includes: passport number, name of passport holder, description of the stamp(s), and dates of the permission