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Ireland Visiting Academic (Stamp 0)

Academics, clinicians, researchers, and other relevant professionals may live and work in Ireland under the ‘Visiting Academic’ (sometimes referred to as ‘Visiting Professor’) immigration status allowing stays of up to one year.

IAS has a team of specialist immigration lawyers to support those looking to live, work and study internationally to successfully apply for a visa. Call us today on +353 061 518 025 to discuss your circumstances.

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    Visiting Academics in Ireland: An Overview

    While there are specific visa types in place for professionals looking to live and work in Ireland for over 12 months, the Visiting Academic status is reserved for those looking to stay in the country for less than a year. This visa is often granted to academic staff such as those in associate professor and senior lecturer roles or other related teaching posts.

    The number of visiting academic visas granted each year is limited, although the exact quota issued each year is not revealed. Therefore, visiting academics looking to stay in Ireland apply as soon as they are able in conjunction with the educational establishment, school or professional body with whom they’ll be working.

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      Eligibility for Visiting Academic To Ireland

      In order to be eligible for Visiting Academic status, applicants must meet several eligibility criteria. The applicant must:

      • Be a non-EEA national (European Economic Area)
      • Have a person or organisation sponsoring their stay, including accommodation provision and general upkeep.
      • Be in possession of a signed undertaking declaring a commitment to abide by the restrictions imposed by this immigration status, such as
      • Not working in, establishing or operating any business in Ireland
      • Not engaging in any profession unrelated to their academic post in Ireland
      • Not receive any state benefits
      • Obey Irish law
      • Ensure that adequate private medical insurance is in place, providing cover for the duration of their intended stay

      There is no set requirement for the academic to be qualified in any particular subject or to have specific research interests for this immigration status, but it is likely that the establishment inviting in the individual will have their own in place.

      Unsure of your eligibility? The IAS team can help discuss your exact circumstances and identify how you fit the requirements. Call us on +353 061 518 025 for guidance.

      Required Documents for Visiting Academic In Ireland

      Applying for Visiting Academic status is not a visa application process as such, those looking to obtain it must still submit a request for permission and supply various supporting documentation, including:

      • Completed and signed TPER (Stamp 0) application form
      • A clear and legible copy of their passport
      • Letter detailing the request for Visiting Professor (Academic) status
      • Details of any family members resident in Ireland (or those seeking granted permission to come to Ireland)
      • Evidence of financial means such as  personal bank statements
      • Letter from the Irish educational establishment or business institution confirming the job offer and length of the assignment
      • Confirmation from the applicant’s home college or university specifying their role and stating that they will be providing financial remuneration throughout the duration of the assignment
      • Proof of adequate private medical insurance cover
      • Police clearance certificate to travel
      • Any other relevant documents

      While Irish immigration authorities do reserve the right to request further information or documentation in order to process the request for Visiting Professor status, this is rare.

      Conditions for The Ireland Visiting Academic

      The Stamp 0 status does hold several conditions which the holder must meet during their time in Ireland. If any of the following conditions are breached, the academic faces removal from the country:

      • Must not receive any income from outside of Ireland
      • Must not extend the duration of their stay past either 12 months or the validity of their Visiting Academic status
      • Where the academic is a senior lecturer or CII director, they may apply to bring eligible family members with them to Ireland (subject to finances)
      • Dependents must not work or claim state support in Ireland
      • Children may attend Irish state schools
      • Where the academic is another CII staff member, PhD student, a scholar of the Fulbright Commission or an associate professor, they may only apply to bring eligible family members where substantial financial means to support them can be proven.

      How to Apply for Visiting Academic Status

      1. The application process for Stamp 0 status can usually be entirely completed by post. To apply for Irish Visiting Academic status, the applicant must:
      2. The TPER Stamp 0 application form may be downloaded and printed directly from the Irish government website.
      3. Compile all relevant supporting documents. All documents must be supplied physically.
      4. The application form and documents should be sent to Stamp 0 (Visiting Academic section), Unit C – Domestic Residence and Permissions Division, Immigration Service Delivery, Department of Justice, 13-14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2, DO2 XK70, Ireland.
      5. The applicant will be informed of the decision by post. In some cases, authorities may be in touch sooner to request further information or an interview to take place at an Irish Embassy or Consulate.
      6. Once the immigration status has been agreed, the holder is free to travel to Ireland to take up their relevant posting on any date on or after the ‘valid from’ date.
      7. The process can take up to four months, with all applications processed in chronological order. If the assignment is intended to start sooner than this, it is recommended that the applicant seek advice from the university posting them to Ireland.

      Extending & Renewal Options

      Irish Visiting Academic status is considered a temporary permission to live and work in Ireland and is not intended for any stay over 12 months. There is no recourse for extension, so in the event of an academic assignment lasting over a year, the holder would need to return to their home country and apply for the relevant visa class.

      If you are unsure of which visa type is most appropriate for you, IAS can help advise. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation chat on +353 061 518 025.

      How We Can Help You

      IAS aim to take the stress out of applying for temporary leave to remain in Ireland and can offer support throughout the application process.

      Our services include a full document check and completion of the required application forms to secure the visa or permit you need to live and work in Ireland. We are also on hand throughout your immigration journey to provide tailored advice and guidance.

      The team at IAS consists of experienced immigration lawyers, all with knowledge of visa applications and appeals. Working with us can maximise your chances of success with immigration applications. Call us today to learn more on +353 061 518 025.

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                The EEA (European Economic Area) is a single market comprising the 27 EU (European Union) member states as well as three EFTA (European Free Trade Association) countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. EEA citizens need not apply for visiting academic status in Ireland.

                While the university will be required to supply formal written confirmation of the offered role and details of the assignment, the application for Stamp 0 status is the responsibility of the individual; no matter the title of the role.

                Visiting academics may receive financial remuneration for their role while present in Ireland, but the income received must be from an institution not based in Ireland. It is customary for the individual’s existing workplace to pay their salary as usual throughout the sabbatical period. Those present in the country under Stamp 0 status must not earn any other income or establish any other work in Ireland for the duration of their stay.

                Student visas are specifically designed for those present in Ireland to study full-time in the country, whereas Stamp 0 status is for those who are delivering some kind of specialist knowledge or research while present in the country. Student visas may often last longer, whereas visiting academic status is capped with a maximum duration of one year.