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How much does it cost to immigrate to Canada from Ireland

Immigrating to Canada is a major decision that can bring plenty of opportunities, and Irish citizens who make the move can enjoy many benefits. The immigration process can be complex, and it may be beneficial to speak with an immigration lawyer to maximise your chance of a successful application.

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    How much does it cost to immigrate to Canada from Ireland?

    The amount of money you need to immigrate to Canada from Ireland will depend on your personal circumstances.

    First, you should calculate the size of your family (i.e., yourself, your spouse/ partner, your dependent children, and any dependent children of your spouse).

    The below table outlines how much money you need to immigrate to Canada:

    Number of family members Money required (Euro and Canadian dollars)
    1 €8,810 / $12,960
    2 €10,968 / $16,135
    3 €13,484 / $19,836
    4 €16,371 / $24,083
    5 €18,568 / $27,315
    6 €20,941 / $30,806
    7 €23,316 / $34,299
    For each additional member of the family €2,373 / $3,492

    People who need to show evidence of funds when moving to Canada include individuals travelling under the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

    You must show evidence of your money in the form of legally accessible and available funds. This means that equity or evidence of property ownership cannot be used in lieu of funds. The money cannot be borrowed and must be yours.

    You should be prepared to submit bank statements or official letters from financial institutions where your money is being held.

    You do not need to show proof of funds if you are immigrating to Canada if you are applying under the Canadian Experience Class visa category.

    Similarly, if you have a valid job offer and you have been granted permission to work in Canada, you will not need to show evidence of money before you immigrate.

    If you are travelling to Canada to settle or for work purposes, you should bring as much money as possible to support yourself before you start working. However, if you bring more than CAN$10,000 (€6,804)  into the country, you must declare it to a border officer.

    Skilled worker visa

    Application fees to immigrate to Canada

    The application fees will vary based on the immigration route that you choose. If you are a skilled worker who applies through the Express Entry system, you can expect to pay a visa processing fee of $825 (€561) when submitting your application.

    If you achieve nomination (similar to sponsorship) under the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP), there is a set fee for each of these routes. The fees range from between $0 in Nova Scotia and up to $2,000 (€1,360) in Ontario.

    There is an additional fee of $225 (€153) per dependent child accompanying you.

    If you are required to take the English language test, there is an accompanying charge of $280 (€190) plus taxes to take the CELPIP General English Test, or $300 (€204) for the IELTS exam.

    You are likely to be required to take a medical exam. Amounts vary for this but will cost approximately $200 (€136).

    The Canadian immigration system is known as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and has further information on moving to Canada.

    Emigrating to Canada from Ireland can be a complex process and you may benefit from specialist legal support. Contact IAS if you need support with your case on (+353) 061 518 025.

    How to immigrate from Ireland to Canada 

    There are both temporary and permanent visas that Irish citizens may apply for in order to move to Canada.

    Short-stay Canadian visas

    One of the most popular routes chosen by Irish people is the International Experience Canada (IEC) working holiday visa (similar to the Irish working holiday visa programme). This visa allows 18-35-year-olds to move to Canada for up to two years for work purposes.

    Eligible candidates may also apply for a further stay, up to a maximum of three years in total.

    Long-stay Canadian visas

    There are a number of routes to long-term stay in Canada. These include Express Entry, family sponsorship, provincial nominees, Quebec-selected skilled workers, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, caregivers, Start-Up Visa, self-employed, and health-care workers.

    One of the most popular visas for Irish citizens include the following:

    • Federal Skilled Worker Program (for skilled workers with work experience gained abroad who wish to immigrate to Canada on a permanent basis)
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program (for skilled workers who wish to become permanent residents due to being qualified in a skilled trade)
    • Canadian Experience Class (for skilled workers who can show evidence of previous Canadian work experience and who wish to become permanent residents)

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      Can I emigrate to Canada?

      Canada accepts approximately 250,000 immigrants every year and a large portion of these visas are allocated to Irish citizens.

      The primary categories of immigration visas are family class, economic immigrants, humanitarian and compassionate applicants and refugees.

      Family class

      For individuals who have close relatives in Canada and wish to make an application to permanently join them. Permanent Canadian residents may sponsor applicants under the family class category

      Economic immigrants

      This category includes skilled workers, individuals with Canadian work experience, or people applying under a business category (there are similar visa categories within the Irish system, including the Irish immigrant investor programme). In 2015, the Express Entry system was set up to manage applications under these programmes

      Humanitarian and compassionate applicants

      This category is for individuals who would not otherwise be eligible to come to Canada. Some of the eligible individuals include those who have settled in Canada, those with family ties, or situations where it is in the best interest of a child.


      This category is for individuals who are in need of international protection and are unable to live in their home countries.

      Individuals who are deemed inadmissible and unable to immigrate to Canada include those people who may be refused for reasons of security concerns, human rights violations, criminality, health reasons, financial reasons, or having an inadmissible family member

      What you should know about moving to Canada from Ireland

      When moving abroad, there are always considerations that you must take into account before making a decision about where to move.

      The health insurance system in Canada is publicly funded and is more similar to the NHS system in the UK than the Irish system. However, like Ireland, there is also a private healthcare system that is popular.

      Two of the main considerations for an immigrating Irish citizen will be housing and jobs.

      Housing in Canada

      Many Irish people who move to Canada may rent initially. Many properties are unfurnished so it is recommended to anticipate the cost of furniture when making your decision to move.

      Toronto is currently the most expensive city in Canada, with median rent per month for a one-bedroom apartment costing approximately $2,030 (€1,381). This will be welcome news to people living in Dublin, where the median rent per month for a similar property is €1,679.

      However, the cost of renting a city centre apartment in Canada varies depending on the city. For example, it is possible to rent a one-bedroom city in the city of Sherbrooke, Quebec for approximately $475 (€323) per month.

      Working in Canada

      There are many options for skilled Irish workers who wish to work in Canada. The nature of your work is likely to be dependent on the type of work visa you have been issued.

      It is likely that you will apply for jobs while based in Ireland or as a newcomer to the country. It is important that you adapt your resume to the style favoured by Canadian employers. Ensuring that your CV is in the appropriate resume format will give you a better chance of finding work.

      When applying for roles, it is recommended to personalise each job application so that you can demonstrate to the hiring manager that you have read the description of the role and that you are the best fit for the position.

      Using tools like LinkedIn, job boards, and other professional networks can be invaluable. The competition is high so it is worth spending time ensuring that your application stands out.

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